My Couponing Life

In 2009, my life just about fell apart. I came to a point where I could barely afford to meet my basic needs. I was a single mother with two young children, a stack of unpaid bills, and a house which I was on the brink of losing. I spent every day struggling to get by financially and emotionally. I worked like a mad woman trying to juggle three jobs while trying to raise my kids. (Not an easy task).

I thought that I was doomed to live a life of poverty. If you are reading this, and you can relate to my story, this is your lucky day. I’m going to share with you how my life drastically changed when I discovered couponing. It was almost Christmas time, and I was at my breaking point. I called up my best friend on the phone to beg for a loan for the umpteenth time that year, but sadly she had nothing to give me. I became desperate and started searching online late into the night for any kind of solution.

That’s when I discovered coupons. At first I was extremely skeptical, thinking that couponing would take way too much effort with little outcome. But I was at the end of my rope, and at this point, I was willing to try anything. When I started searching for coupons.

I was astonished at how easily I was able to find coupons online, and how easy it was to use them. I was even more astonished at the amount of money that I saved by using them. Very quickly, I noticed a drastic change in my life. I suddenly had more money at my disposal to pay my overdue bills, and provide my kids and myself with everything that we needed. .

When I look back to that time of my life, I almost can’t believe how much my life has changed. I have managed to pay off a huge chunk of my debt, and I am able to take my kids on vacation every year. I no longer work three jobs thanks to coupons and I don’t have to overspend. Coupons changed my life, and they can change yours too. My only regret, is that I didn’t start using them sooner.

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